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Definitely one my favorite spots! M Cafe is a contemporary macrobiotic cuisine wich means no eggs, dairy or refined cane sugar. Everything is prepared with organic, whole food ingredients and natural grain sweeteners. Everything served at M Cafe is delicious!!!!!!! If you are vegan or not I highly recommend this spot!

Vegan Benedict

The vegan benedict is my favorite item to order when I am having breakfast at M Cafe! It’s a grilled whole-grain baguette, steamed kale, tomato, tempeh bacon with soy hollandaise. Healthy and soooooooo delish!

Breakfast Enchilada

My boyfriend Chris is not a vegan at all but he loves this place.  He ordered the  Breakfast Enchilada which has scrambled tofu, tempeh Bacon, avocado, chili beans and soy mozzarella.

Cranberry & Walnut French Toast

Another favorite of ours is the Cranberry & Walnut French Toast. It comes with organic maple syrup, soy butter with a cranberry compote, and tempeh bacon.

Vegan or not everyone should give this place a try! They serve breakfast, lunch, & dinner and everything is AMAZING! If there is not a M Cafe near you they sell some of there side dishes at Whole Foods Market. (My friend Jennette & I LOVE the Peanut Kale salad)



  1. Ryan Wirtz says

    I’m not vegan but that french toast looks soooo good! I’m surprised (in a good way) at how good some of the vegan dishes that I’ve tried taste! I don’t remember if I’ve been to M cafe before but take me there next time I come visit.

  2. Jennette says

    I haven’t had breakfast yet and those pictures are making my mouth water. M Cafe is only up the street…you’re forcing me to sneak out of work for french toast. And tempeh bacon. yum..

  3. Jessica Wirtz says

    Hey Nicole, I agree with your boyfriend Chris, that breakfast enchilada looks amazing!!!! I was never a huge french toast fan (thats Michelle) but that looks pretty good too. I wish there were vegan restaurants out here ANYWHERE in the Inland Empire oh well, since I’m going to school full time I just pack my lunch anyways. = )

  4. Katie says

    Yes!!! M Cafe is the best! I highly recommend the veggie burger. It is SO delicious, it’s totally worth a trip across town!

  5. Anya Scemama says

    I finally went to M cafe today and ate the Vegan Benedict and OH MY GOD…. SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!! Being Vegan is the BEST!!!!!!

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