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Earthbar has vegan smoothies



Today I discovered Earth Bar. I was taking Aiden (my son) for a walk and I discovered this organic eco-conscious Juice Bar. I got so excited because the girl at Jamba Juice doesn’t like me very much!  Everyday I visit Jamba and I ask one million question’s like ” Is there milk in the smoothie powder?”  & “Can you make my smoothie with no yogurt?” So with that said I am so happy to find a Juice Bar that has healthy options.

Juice Bar

Earthbar is a vitamin shop  & a juice bar that focuses on organic nutrients. There are 4 locations including Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Woodland Hills, & Westwood Village. There are so many healthy smoothies to choose from. They have Functional smoothies, antioxidant smoothies, & organic juices. I ordered the Green Detox, It has banana, pineapple, raw kale, & hemp milk! So if you are like me and you love smoothies that don’t have tons of sugar in then go try out Earthbar!


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  1. Emily says

    Nicole… great posts! Excited to see what vegan foods and hot spots you recommend!

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