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The Kind Diet! (it was a kind night)

I had some friends over on Friday night for a vegan dinner party and I used some recipes from the book “The Kind Diet” everything was DELISH! We started out eating the Artichoke, Mushroom, and Leek Crostini with Pesto. I loved how all the flavors blend together, it really was amazing. Then I made the caesar salad and I have to say it is the best dressing I have EVER tasted!!!!!! Our entrée for the evening was a Potato Gnocchi with a spicy vodka cream sauce. I found the gnocchi recipe on Alicia Silverstones website called The Kind Life! The sauce was made with silken tofu instead of cream and it was a hit! definitely go out and buy “The Kind Diet” to get these great recipes and check out Alicia’s website it’s awesome.



  1. Ryan Wirtz says

    MMMMMMMMM YUM! Everything looks so good! Wish I could have tried it. Can we still have Thanksgiving at your house next year? lol

  2. I agree that the Kind Diet rocks!! I love the Caesar salad. I made it last week and have plans to make it again this week! It was really good with some pan fried Tempeh too!

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