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The Veggie Grill…….vegan casual dinning

Yesterday Chris, Aiden, & I ate lunch at the Veggie Grill in El Segundo. I have eaten at this restaurant before and  I really LOVED it, so I had to let my family give it a try. Chris (who is NOT vegan or vegetarian) really loved his food, He said “The flavors are really great!” My little Aiden absolutely devoured his vegan mac-n-cheese and tofu chocolate pudding. I must say I truly enjoy this restaurant, and not only for the delicious food but it is so reasonably priced! Nothing on the menu is over $10 and that is amazing for vegan cuisine.

Last time I dined at Veggie Grill I had the famous Carne Asada sandwich which is by far my favorite item on the menu. The sandwich has grilled veggie-steak, marinated in mexican spices, with southwestern spiced vegan mayo, red onion, lettuce, tomato on a wheat roll, OMG so DELISH!!! This time Chris and I tried the Thai Chickin Salad with”Chickin”, romaine, red & green cabbage, roasted corn salsa, green onion, mandarin oranges, toasted sesame seeds, cilantro, wonton’s and a spicy thai dressing. Other popular menu items include The Sweetheart Fries: sweet potato fries, seasoned and served with chipotle ranch! The Steamin Kale: Tender kale with a ginger-miso dressing and roasted sesame seeds! And  of course the VG burger: Marinated and grilled veggie steak, pickles, lettuce, tomato, red onion, chipotle ranch, avocado, & jalapenos…… it’s RIDICULOUS!!!!!

All menu items at the Veggie Grill are free of cholesterol, trans fat and high-fructose corn syrup. The Veggie Grill motto is Natural & Wholesome, 100% plant-based and free of animal fat! There are currently 5 locations with more opening every year. check out the website and try a Veggie Grill near you! www.VeggieGrill.com

My Little Aiden

Modern & casual decor

Vegan mac-n-cheese with chocolate pudding & sweet potato fries

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of our salad! Chris and I were so hungry we just dove right in!

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Hello My name is Nicole and I am born and raised in Los Angeles, California!! I love cooking and eating REAL FOOD and I am here to share my journey with you. I am a wife & mommy to a 5 year old boy named Aiden. I love fitness and I hope I can inspire others to be healthy and happy!


  1. Mac n cheese and chocolate pudding!? That’s like my favorite meal. It looks like Aiden liked it too. haha You guys should take me there next time I visit!

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