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Vegan Lunch Box…… Get your children to eat healthy

I have been vegetarian for 13 years and for this past year I have been Vegan-ish (I heard that term on Oprah yesterday when she spoke about her 1 week vegan challenge). I care so much about what I put in my body and now that I am a mom I want to make sure that I do my best to encourage my son to make healthy choices and live a healthy lifestyle. I truly believe we should start this process when our kids are young. I encourage all parents to take their children to Farmers Markets, plant a garden and have your kids pick their own veggies for their meals, and visit farms and make sure your kids know where their food is coming from.

Now I know this is difficult, my son Aiden has been eating healthy since birth but recently it has been extremely hard to get him to eat anything at all. I have had quiet a few sandwiches thrown in my face over the last couple weeks. I got frustrated and I found myself making fish sticks one night and then the next night I made box mac-n-cheese ( so bad I know ) I did not want to get in the habit of whipping up processed foods so I started to search around for kids cookbooks. I recently ordered a book called Vegan Lunch Box. Now I am not raising Aiden as a vegan (I don’t want to force that on him) But I do want him to grow up having vegan and vegetarian meals. This book has 130 animal-free lunches that are all quite creative. Yesterday I made a sandwich with Sprouted grain bread, vegan cream cheese, vegetable hummus, sprouts and carrots. Aiden ate it right up and he wanted more. I highly suggest getting this book just to have some healthy ideas to through in the mix.

Aiden's friend Dylan



  1. Love it! I used to be able to feed Nicholas (my special needs guy who is now 7!) anything organic, but now he will not eat any vegetables and the only fruit he will eat is strawberries. This might be a good alternative but for even pickier eaters you could always puree some veggies (Jessica Seinfield style) and sneak them in..
    Love the blog!

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