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Simmzy’s, Manhattan Beach

I popped into Simmzy’s in Manhattan Beach to grab a bite to eat with my girlfriend Bobbie.  I went in thinking I was going to have to eat greasy bar food, but I was pleasantly surprised. Simmzy’s offers a “Pub-Grub” menu that features local, seasonal ingredients. This Pub is steps away from the beach and they offer 30 wines by the glass and many hard to find beers!

I had the Hummus Burger made with hummus, shiitake mushrooms, couscous, & top-secret spices. It is topped with pickled veggies and dill sauce and the flavors just blew me away. As you all know a good veggie burger and fries is my all time favorite meal. Right now I am on the hunt for the top 5 veggie burgers in LA. This burger just might make the list!

I can’t wait to go back and enjoy this burger again!

Hummus Burger



  1. Ryan says

    Wow looks like a real hamburger. I wouldn’t mind trying that. 🙂

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