Month: May 2011

Madeleine Bistro-Bistro Box

For all that do not know, Madeleine Bistro will be closing their restaurant this weekend. Madeleine Bistro has been the top vegan restaurant in LA since 2005. I am so sad that this restaurant is closing because it is honestly the most amazing vegan cuisine I have ever tasted. There are rumors that they will re-open after renovations but nothing has been confirmed! I guess we all have to wait and see. If you love Madeleine Bistro like myself or have not had a chance to try it they are still doing their delivery Bistro Box. The Bistro Box is a weeks worth of food that is delivered to your door or you can pick it up at their Tarzana location. A single serving is $125 and a serving for 2 people is $150. If you are new to veganism its a great way to start, I know how overwhelming cooking vegan cuisine can be so why not have someone else do it for you. I highly recommend placing an order to try out the delicious food. Here are some pic’s: …

Upton’s Naturals Seitan

I was at my favorite grocery store Rainbow Acres in Venice and I spotted a new seitan called Upton’s Naturals! Their were 4 different seitan choices and since it was spaghetti night I grabbed the italian sausage-style seitan. Oh my goodness It was amazing, the flavors were spot on and I now have a new favorite seitan. I can’t wait to try them all and you should too. I noticed on Upton’s website they have  Chorizo-style seitan tamales and I MUST find and try them.

Flavour Gallery: Clothing For Foodies

I just got a new T-shirt from Flavour Gallery, a fun clothing line geared towards foodies and people who LOVE the culinary world (like me). When I came across this fashion line I wanted to share it with all my readers! Everyone know’s how much I love to eat and cook delicious healthy food, and Flavour Gallery is a brand for those that are passionate about growing, making or traveling to get a taste of great food. This line is for all people who love food and the experience of food. The line ranges in price from $4 to $68 and is available for purchase at

Jurlique Skincare

I absolutely love Jurlique! I have been using this skin care line for 2 years now and my skin has never felt and looked better. Jurlique is an all Australian skin care company and their mission is to provide the purest, most effective skin care through natural, high performance products. I am such a huge fan of this product and I think it is so great that Jurlique has their own farm  that spans more than 153 acres. They  grow over 35 different varieties of plants and flowers including lavender, rose, marshmallow, licorice, and calendula. The plants and flowers they grow provide the potent blends within their products. I just wanted to spread the word to all my readers. Try this product and your skin will thank you. The Toning Mist is my all-time favorite product.