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Madeleine Bistro-Bistro Box

For all that do not know, Madeleine Bistro will be closing their restaurant this weekend. Madeleine Bistro has been the top vegan restaurant in LA since 2005. I am so sad that this restaurant is closing because it is honestly the most amazing vegan cuisine I have ever tasted. There are rumors that they will re-open after renovations but nothing has been confirmed! I guess we all have to wait and see. If you love Madeleine Bistro like myself or have not had a chance to try it they are still doing their delivery Bistro Box. The Bistro Box is a weeks worth of food that is delivered to your door or you can pick it up at their Tarzana location. A single serving is $125 and a serving for 2 people is $150. If you are new to veganism its a great way to start, I know how overwhelming cooking vegan cuisine can be so why not have someone else do it for you. I highly recommend placing an order to try out the delicious food.

Here are some pic’s:

cauliflower soup

Classic French onion soup, crouton, farmer’s cheese

Red beet tartare, warm tofu cheese crouton, cucumber, balsamic glaze

Chicken-fried seitan, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetable medley

mac-n-cheese with house made cashew cheese

Chocolate soufflé, vanilla ice crème



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  1. Ryan says

    that chocolate souffle looks so good. All of it does! Too bad I can’t try it now that they’re closed. 😦

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