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Chocolate Chip Cookies Stuffed with “Oreos”

I made these delicious cookies last night and I wanted to share this quick and easy vegan dessert! Now I usually make everything from scratch but I wanted to try this vegan pre-made cookie dough called Eat Pastry! I was so happy to discover this cookie dough because, let’s be honest there are some nights that you crave a fresh-baked cookie but you do not want to do all the work! Eat Pastry is 100% vegan. No eggs, no dairy, no preservatives, no processing, no fillers, NO GMOs. It comes in a cute little pint jar and you can scoop the dough right out, place it on a baking sheet and 12 minutes later done!  Last night I decided to place Newman-o’s in the middle of the dough and It was oh so yummy!

Eat Pastry Dough


Dairy Free Newman-O's


Roll the dough in a ball, flatten it out, place cookie, candy bar piece, or peanut butter in the middle, & then  cover with more dough!






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