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Kids Lunches

Now that my son has started preschool I am on a mission to send him with healthy lunches everyday. Even though we eat healthy in our home my son is just like every other kid and goes through phases where he only wants to eat cheese!!! What is with kids and cheese?? I am going to start posting some of my fun lunch box ideas and I welcome any comments or other ideas you parents out there want to share.

Today’s lunch: (p.s. I am totally obsessed with The Bento Box, I see them for sale on Amazon  but I actually found a bunch at Home Goods for half the price)

Top Layer: Fresh Blueberries, Quinoa Muffin, Raisins, & Cheese

blueberries, quinoa muffin, cheese, & raisins

Bottom Layer: Hummus, Pretzel Chips, & Applesauce.

applesauce, hummus, & pretzel chips



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